ICDL - The Internationally Recognised Certificate for Computer Users

ICDL certificate holders are skilled in using different computer programmes securely and efficiently. To receive an ICDL certificate, individual module exams are taken at an ICDL Test Centre.


11/23/2017 |

Celebrating 3000 Certificates in LiechtensteinLast Monday Adelisa Murati was handed the 3000th ECDL certificate in Liechtenstein. The student of the "Oberschule Vaduz" was very pleased to have successfully passed the internationally recognised computer driving licence.

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06/20/2017 | ICDL

The new Typing Skills diagnostic testSince 2014, the Typing Skills module can be taken as part of an ICDL Profile certificate as well as a stand-alone certificate. Now, a Typing Skills diagnostic test is also available.

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