ICDL - The Internationally Recognised Certificate for Computer Users

ICDL certificate holders are skilled in using different computer programmes securely and efficiently. To receive an ICDL certificate, individual module exams are taken at an ICDL Test Centre.

Digital Literacy AG continues to operate during school and company closings.

As a largely digital company, Digital Literacy AG tries to maintain the ECDL test operations going to a purely virtual operation. The feasibility also depends on the server availability of our partner Sophia Testing in Vienna, which has been stable during multiple lock-downs so far.

We are still able to answer customer inquiries with home-office arrangements. However, we ask for your understanding that due to call forwarding we cannot answer several telephone customer inquiries at the precisely same time and that our lines will occasionally be busy or ring without answer. However, we will be watching e-mail inquiries to info@ecdl.ch and we try to answer these inquiries as quickly as possible.

As before we are printing and sending out certificates to our test centers once per week.

Authorization to carry out tests at home in remote screen control operation.

Basically, since the Quality Assurance Guidelines 7.0, the ECDL foundation also permits that tests to be carried out in the so-called remote proctoring mode. However, this requires certain special precautions such as additional video surveillance of the candidates. In view of the emergency, however, we allow the ECDL exams to be carried out without these comprehensive measures with a simple tester monitoring via screen sharing services.

However, for the final recognition of the test results, we require the possibility that a licensed tester has provided the usual assistance with the exams via remote access or screen sharing. Furthermore, we assume that the test center obliges the students via a leaflet to take the test in person without outside help and not to make any recordings of ongoing test sessions (such as mobile phone videos, screen dumps, etc.).

Please tell us about your experiences with such tests so that we can pass this knowledge on to other interested parties.