ICDL - The Internationally Recognised Certificate for Computer Users

ICDL certificate holders are skilled in using different computer programmes securely and efficiently. To receive an ICDL certificate, individual module exams are taken at an ICDL Test Centre.

ICDL for candidates, schools and companies

Currently, there are 15 ICDL modules and five certificates on offer which meet current demands regarding digital knowledge and skills. Exams for Windows and MacOS are available at approximately 300 locations ranging from secondary schools, vocational colleges, private institutions of (further) education to companies and public authorities.

ICDL enhances the CV of students and people in training.

At many secondary schools the ICDL programme is already an integral part of the curriculum where it has established itself as a successful elective course. Due to its modular structure, ICDL also allows for a versatile application in further education.

By offering ICDL modules, schools and centres of further education improve their students’ prospects and strengthen and widen the scope of their education programmes.

For companies and organisations, ICDL certificates ensure that their employees have the concrete skills to use the most widely employed Office programmes, operating systems and Internet applications. The online tests can also serve as a tool to objectively assess skills e.g. in the recruitment process.  

Over 14 million people have taken part in the ECDL Foundation certification programme in 41 languages in 148 countries, benefiting from a network of over 24,000 Test Centres.