Your customised path to ICDL

You can organise your ICDL exam preparation to meet your individual needs. Many independent Test Centres offer courses to prepare you for the ICDL exams. You can also obtain the necessary knowledge and skills by studying on your own. There is a wide selection of courseware in our shop (books and e-learning products) to help you with this. Courseware marked “ICDL approved courseware” has been verified by Digital Literacy AG to contain all of the content from the syllabi.

Another popular way to revise are our diagnostic tests. There is one for each module, and they can help you identify the areas you have already mastered as well as any gaps in your knowledge. The diagnostic test incorporates all of the items of the module syllabus and will give you a rating in percentage points as well as a detailed list of the questions you answered incorrectly. You can interrupt the diagnostic test as often as you like and there is no time limit. You can purchase the tests at or through the ICDL Test Centres.