ICDL - up-to-date modular certification

The international ICDL certificates attest fundamental and advanced computer skills. ICDL certificate holders are skilled in using different computer programmes securely and efficiently. To receive an ICDL certificate, individual module exams are taken at an ICDL Test Centre.

ICDL certificates prove your candidates have the fundamental (ICDL Base and ICDL Standard), advanced (ICDL Advanced) or typing skills  (Typing module) corresponding to their needs.

Base Modules



This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for using computers and mobile devices, for creating and managing files, for dealing with networks, and ensuring data security.

Online Essentials

This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for browsing the web, finding information efficiently, online communication, and email use.

Word Processing

This module covers skills concerning the use of word processing, e.g. writing letters, formatting, editing document page settings, inserting a table or using spell check.


This module covers skills such as creating charts, using and applying mathematical and logical formulas, sorting data, and entering data in cells.

Standard Modules

Using Databases

This module covers fundamental knowledge regarding the structure and management of databases.


This module covers the proficient use of a presentation programme, e.g. how to enter a well-structured text in slides, create a presentation with a consistent slide design and animation effects or how to print handouts.

Online Collaboration

This module covers best practice regarding social media, online meetings, online learning platforms and mobile devices.

IT Security

This module covers fundamental knowledge on how to safely use ICT in your everyday life. This includes connecting to a network securely, online security and how to back up your data and information.

Image Editing

This module covers the practical application of an image editing programme to improve, edit and print digital photos as well as publish them online. Additionally, this module conveys an understanding of the main concepts of digital image editing.


Currently only available in German

Advanced Modules



This module covers skills needed for the professional use of a word processing programme, e.g. using fields, forms and templates.


This module covers advanced spreadsheet skills, e.g. the analysis of data in tables, conditional formatting and custom number formats


This module covers the key database concepts necessary to understand a relational database and use an appropriate application to create an advanced database structure and outputs.


This module covers advanced skills such as inserting movies and sounds, linking and embedding data into a slide and creating presentations for specific target audiences.

Typing Module*

Typing Skills*

The Typing test assesses quick and accurate typing.

ICDL Base Certificate

4 Base Modules

ICDL Standard Certificate

4 Base Modules + any 3 Standard Modules

ICDL Advanced Certificate

1 Advanced Module of your choice

ICDL Expert Certificate

3 Advanced Modules of your choice

Typing Certificate*

1 Typing Module

ICDL Base Certificate

4 ICDL Base modules

The ICDL Base certificate forms the foundation for your computer skills. This certificate proves your solid knowledge in using operating systems, internet browsers, word processing and spreadsheet applications. These four modules must be passed within three years. More information on the four ICDL Base modules as well as the detailed exam contents can be found in the ICDL Base syllabus.

ICDL Standard Certificate

4 ICDL Base modules

+ 3 Standard modules of your choice

The ICDL Standard Certificate confirms your competence and extensive practical skills in using PC programmes as well as other important applications. To obtain an ICDL Standard certificate you need to pass the four ICDL Base modules as well as three Standard modules of your choice. The order in which you take these modules is up to you. More information on the five ICDL Standard modules and the four Base modules as well as the detailed exam contents can be found in the two ICDL Syllabus booklets.

ICDL Advanced Certificate

1 Advanced module of your choice

You can document your advanced knowledge of Office programmes with the Advanced certificates. For every Advanced module you pass, you will receive the corresponding ICDL Advanced certificate. You do not need a previous ICDL certificate to be able to take an Advanced exam. Please consult the ICDL Advanced Syllabus for the detailed exam contents.

ICDL Expert Certificate

3 Advanced modules of your choice

ICDL Expert is the most challenging ICDL certificate. It consists of three Advanced modules of your choice. You will receive the ICDL Expert certificate in addition to the three individual Advanced certificates.

Typing Skills Certificate

1 ICDL Typing module

The Typing Skills certificate proves your touch typing skill, i.e. your writing speed and accuracy. The online test takes ten minutes and you can reach the following three levels:

  • Standard: 1‘000 characters
  • Professional: 1‘800 characters
  • Expert: 2‘600 characters

The margin of error for all levels is <= 0.5 %.



* This module/ certificate was developed by the Austrian Computer Society and is endorsed by the ECDL Foundation. You can add a Typing Skills test to an ICDL Profile certificate that contains at least four ICDL modules.