Your company as an ICDL Test Centre

ICDL certificates are well-suited to be your standard assessment tool for apprentice and staff recruitment, re-training and further education. Your staff can prepare for the exams independently or take an (external) course. To this end, a wide variety of courseware is available. This includes e-learning materials that you can integrate into your existing learning management system (LMS). If you would like your employees to sit the exams internally, you can have your company or organization certified as a Test Centre. Your infrastructure must meet a few basic standards and two people need to be certified as ICDL Testers.

In addition, our custom pre-assessment tests can be a great help for placement in courses of further education or as a recruitment tool. Put together your pre-assessment test by choosing those tasks from our extensive question database that are especially relevant to your business.

If you are interested in a company-specific test or would like to become an ICDL Test Centre – we would be happy to advise you personally. Fill in the  contact form to receive our ICDL documentation.