7 Steps to the New ICDL: Making the change as a Test Centre

To make the change to the new ICDL -and the new test system- as easy as possible for your Test Centre, we have put together the most important steps for you to take.

  1. You can set a date for the transition between the 1st of January and the 31st of July 2014.  
  2. You decide on the range of ICDL products on offer at your Test Centre: You must provide the ICDL Base modules as well as three Standard modules of your choice. In addition, you can request your own ICDL Profile certificate consisting of at least four modules from any area (i.e. ICDL, Base, Standard, Advanced and Typing Skills).
  3. To be able to transition to the new ICDL at least one person at your Test Centre needs to take part in a free training course on the Sophia test system. This course can be combined with the re-certification. Please contact us for more information or to set a date.
  4. Your ICDL Testers must be re-certified on the new ICDL if, according to Syllabus 5.0, their Tester status is older than three years. Contact us to schedule a recertification at your convenience. For your recertification your Testers will need to pass the Base modules Online Essentials and Computer Essentials, as well as one of the new Standard modules (Online Collaboration, IT Security or Image Editing). Afterwards, you can supervise all versions of all of the ICDL Base and Standard modules. A Test Centre must have at least two Testers possessing up-to-date ICDL Tester status. 
  5. Download the Sophia test system and try it out in your IT environment. Write us an email to receive a free test account.
  6. Converting your ICDL Skills Cards to ICDL IDs: send us an Excel sheet with the ICDL Skills Card numbers that have not yet been allocated. We will convert them to ICDL IDs. (Or, if your are still using physical Skills Cards, send us by post the ones that have not yet been allocated and we will exchange them for ECDL IDs.)
  7. Adapt your existing ICDL documentation (flyers, website) to the new ICDL by using this module and certificate graphic for your own flyer or adopting the ICDL candidate flyer and adding your contact details to it. In addition, you can download the ICDL Base and Standard Syllabi or order the print version free of charge.