Online test geared towards real-world application

The strength of ICDL exams lies in their real world applicability – the tasks of the (module) exams must be solved directly in the application and all correct solutions are accepted. You are even allowed to use the “help” function to solve the assignments. Some more theoretical content is tested with multiple choice questions. The ICDL module exams are taken with the test software Sophia.

Before you take an exam, you need to purchase a one-time registration, your personal ICDL ID. All exam results are connected to your ICDL ID and shown in your online profile.

There is a separate exam for every module. You will always sit your exam(s) at a certified ICDL Test Centre. They last 45 minutes each, with the exception of the ICDL Standard module Image Editing, which lasts 60 minutes. You must answer 75% of the questions correctly to pass.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests cover all the contents of every module and offer a detailed assessment. This way, candidates can get a good overview of their current knowledge. There is no time limit for diagnostic tests and the test can be interrupted as often as you like. Diagnostic tests can be purchased directly from Per module there is one diagnostic test with about 65 questions. To review your level of proficiency you can also use the ICDL Syllabi  as a checklist.