06/20/2017 | ICDL

The new Typing Skills diagnostic test

Since 2014, the Typing Skills module can be taken as part of an ICDL Profile certificate as well as a stand-alone certificate. Now, a Typing Skills diagnostic test is also available. As in the certificate test, candidates have 10 minutes to copy a given text and mustn't exceed a margin of error of 0.5%. The subsequent report shows candidates which of the three levels (1‘000, 2‘000, 3‘000 characters) they would have reached. Typing Skills diagnostic tests can be obtained through the ICDL test administration or via diagnosetest.ch.

04/04/2019 | ICDL

ICDL exams available for Office 2019 (Windows)We now offer all ICDL tests for Office 2019 (Windows).

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01/19/2017 | ICDL

Change of ownership at ECDL Switzerland AGECDL Switzerland AG was taken over by the international testing services provider PSI Services LLC (PSI) on 1 January 2017. The combination of the two companies will enable us to extend our product offering and solutions reach.

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