Our products: courseware, tests and certificates

Our core products are the ICDL certificates, which are issued after passing ICDL online exams. These are held at ICDL Test Centres, i.e. accredited schools and organisations.

To prepare for the ICDL exams or assess ICT skills in general, we offer ICDL diagnostic tests. These tests cover the entire ICDL content. They are especially helpful as they offer a possible solution for every incorrect answer. Our diagnostic tests can be purchased at www.diagnosetest.ch and ICDL Test Centres.

To help you prepare for the ICDL exams, we also offer a wide selection of teaching material (e-learning material and books) in our shop. These cover the content of the different ICDL modules.

Schools as well as companies and organisations authorised by ECDL Switzerland AG, can become ICDL Test Centres. As a Test Centre, you can offer the ICDL exams to your pupils or staff.

In addition to the ICDL certificates and diagnostic tests, we also offer customised pre-assessment tests to evaluate levels of ICT skills. These can be used to determine the computer skills of your staff or candidates. Your organisation can put together pre-assessment tests to test for exactly those skills necessary for individual positions. Based on the results you can judge if a further education programme would be beneficial and for whom.

Pre-assessment tests are also suited for institutions of further education to assess current ICT knowledge and therefore put together homogenous classes.