ICDL - The Internationally Recognised Certificate for Computer Users

ICDL certificate holders are skilled in using different computer programmes securely and efficiently. To receive an ICDL certificate, individual module exams are taken at an ICDL Test Centre.


09/30/2015 | ICDL

ECDL study shows: Swiss population overestimates own PC skillsOur representative study demonstrates that the Swiss population has inadequate basic computer user skills. In a practical test they scored an average of 46.1%. In addition 78% of the participants overestimated their own PC skills.

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09/22/2015 | ECDL Switzerland news

New tests to assess competences and recruit the right people We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product. As of now, all Test Centres will be able to access 14 assessment tests in the ICDL test administration. Tests are available for all modules separately (Base, Standard, Advanced), as well as an ICDL Base test including questions covering all four ICDL Base modules.

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