Reaching goals efficiently with motivated staff

 In almost all areas of business the computer is one of your employees’ most important tools: Starting with shared calendars, online meetings, and presentations to clearly laid out spreadsheets and properly formatted documents. How well they are able to use this tool is therefore a crucial factor for the efficacy and quality of your organisation.

ICDL certificates provide your employees with sound knowledge in their daily use of the most current applications, operating systems, and the internet. Moreover, you can judge your employees' knowledge objectively and bring everyone up to the same level of computer skills. Training courses allowing your staff to reach the level of ICDL Base, ICDL Standard or ICDL Advanced will enable them to work together more efficiently and spend less time solving technical IT issues. Several scientific studies have shown that this leads to a reduction in costs, support time and increased productivity. Also, your employees are more motivated and can concentrate on their core competences.

Modular exams tailored to your requirements

The practice-based exams are modular in structure and comprise different levels of difficulty. Thus, your employees can concentrate on the contents they need right now. You can choose from 14 modules that lead to the internationally accepted  ICDL Base, Standard, Advanced or ICDL Typing skills certificates. In addition, the ICDL Profile certificate consists of at least four out of all available modules which you can combine to meet your company’s requirements.