Your school as ICDL Test Centre

Schools and institutions of further education that introduce the ICDL will be accredited as ICDL Test Centres. This allows them to prepare their students optimally and individually.  At least two teachers must have passed the four ICDL Base modules and three of the five ICDL Standard modules to be allowed to offer Base and Standard modules. Two Advanced modules must be passed by one teacher for a Test Centre to be allowed to offer Advanced modules.

Download the requirements for an ICDL Test Centre as a PDF.

For schools that would like to offer ICDL certificates without becoming a Test Centre we will organise an exam supervisor and support you with teaching materials. Please contact us for further information.

Preparing for exams

There are many teaching materials available to you to help you prepare and revise for ICDL exams. You can find books as well as e-learning material (as a DVD or online) in our shop. Bit media learning contents for all ICDL Base or Standard modules are available for purchase on the learning platform educanet2.

Candidates can take diagnostic tests before the ICDL certificate exams to check up on their level of knowledge. The diagnostic tests offer insight into the way the test system works, cover the entire syllabus and provide you with in-depth analysis of your progress so far.

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