Giving your course participants and your school a head start

Due to the predominance of modern IT-based working environments, comprehensive IT skills are a necessary prerequisite for entering or re-entering the professional world. Expanding the range of your educational programme by offering the ICDL strengthens it and improves the prospects of your pupils and course participants.

The ICDL programme  is already an integral part of the curriculum at many secondary schools, having established itself as an elective course. The modular structure of ICDL also allows its versatile application in further education.

Amongst our Test Centres are the International School of Geneva, the UN and the UNHCR in Geneva, as well as the Migros Club School with 40 locations all over Switzerland. Here you can find a complete list of ICDL Test Centres

Schools and institutions that would like to offer ICDL exams can become accredited ICDL Test Centres. After a day-long training course prospective ICDL Testers can oversee ICDL exams being taken by their students at accredited Test Centres.

ICDL Testers, ICDL Centre Masters and ICDL administrators will find important information for your ICDL Test Centres on this page, including amongst other things, downloads and the admin login.